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When my niece was a young girl, I taught her how to crochet.  I'm so proud that she continued crocheting and uses her hobby to get through stressful times.  Recently, she started designing her own patterns as well.  She makes a lot of plushies and amigurumi.  She just set up her Etsy store and will add more patterns to it soon.  This is a huge first step for a pattern designer. So, here is the link to her store.  Please click the little heart when you arrive at her store, in order to favorite her store.  This will help to alert you when she adds more patterns to her store.Her Etsy Store

My niece is a young mother with two littles.  So finding time to crochet is hard and yet she is also writing the patterns for the little plushies that she makes.

Her first pattern is amazing and so very original.  This little turtle plush has 4 different ninja masks.  

So that he can be all the characters.  The shell is a backpack to store the ninja masks when not in use. Please have a look at her pattern

Didn't she do a great job designing this little turtle with ninja masks?  He is so cute.  

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