Frame a flower!

My original plan for my framed flower project was a yellow flower in cotton yarn. But as I was arranging it in the picture frame I decided on a larger flower in a pink yarn from red heart.  I kept my original leaves but decided that my stem was too skinny for this big flower.

So, I made a chainless half double foundation to make the stem look thicker.

Part of the fun of this project is that you can be creative.  Figure out which flower you think would look best for the frame that you found.

This flower is a type of rose like flower. 
The petals have a picot so they are less rounded.  The pattern makes a rather larger flower and I liked how the larger flower looked in the corner of this frame. 
Giving an even more overall 3 dimensional effect to the picture

When all my pieces were ready, I used my hot glue gun to glue the stem and the leaves and lastly the flower on the frame.

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