A Snow day for everyone

One of my daughters has always loved the snow and the other hates snow and the cold with a passion.

Even when she was little she has always hated snow.

One day when they were little, I decided that we could build snowmen or snow people without snow.  It was a fun way to stay inside on a very cold snow day from school.

Recently, we tried it again with my nephew and my teenagers also enjoyed the activity just as much as they did when they were small.

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Indoor Snow day -

Stick pretzels 

Marshmallows Big and/or small

optional chocolate chips.

give each child a plate with about 6 big marshmallows (and 2/3 small ones)
4-8 pretzels for arms or legs
and about 4 -6 chocolate chips

As you can imagine they might need one or two extra to just eat as a snack.  But limit how much you put on their plates to begin with or they will just eat them all.  This activity should last long enough for you to at least get supper started without the toddler helping you for a change.

Apparently this one has a hat

A boy and his creation.  I'm not sure what he said this one was.
snow monster!


If you do this activity with your kids: share some of your favorite snowmen with me.
I would love to see them.


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