Leaves of Crochet

Leaves  change and flowers die unless you crochet them!

The Unchanging Crochet leaf:

We are going to be making 2 simple leaves nearly the same but the size will look a bit different.  You can also go with a slightly smaller or larger crochet hook to get some different size leaves.  This crochet leaf pattern is really easy and fast.  Make a few for your flowers.

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I love this Cotton!  in pistachio

4.00mm Hook
To check if you have the right crochet hook for the pattern, here is a crochet hook conversion tool.

Make a Magic Circle

sc, hdc, dc, tr, ch2 picot, tr, dc, hdc, sc and then pull the magic circle tight.  You can then tie off or chain a couple.

Small Leaf

Magic circle

sc, hdc, dc, picot, dc, hdc, sc and then pull the magic circle tight and tie off.

Place your leaves near the stem to see how they look.

Now they are ready to glue in place on your frame.

Another Basic Leaf Pattern 

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